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Originally Posted by JoeMorgue View Post
No. Just... no.

The number of people that think that showing Deborah in finance how to resize an Excel cell for the twelfth time and listen to her wave off any attempt to show her how to do it herself with a giggling "Oh I'm just not a computer person..." is not only my job but the entirety of my job is the one (and largely only) thing I hate about working in the IT field. Trust me I have more than enough responsibilities that have nothing to do with showing users how to perform tasks they should know how to perform on their own.

All other fields maintain both at least some demarcation between user support and user training (as in the people who fix your equipment and the people who show you how to use aren't the same person) and don't foster this weird, proud intentional ignorance of the primary tool of your job.

Imagine pulling your car into the mechanic.
Driver: My car is displaying this weird error message.
Mechanic: What does the error say?
Driver: I don't know, I'm not a car guy.
Mechanic: Errrrr okay... let me take a look. It's the low fuel warning, you're almost out of gas.
Driver: Oh that's all gibberish, just fix it for me.
Mechanic: There's nothing wrong your car, you just need to put some gas in it.
Driver: Can't you do it? Like I said I'm just not a car person.
Mechanic: It's easy. You just go to a gas station, open the fuel cap...
Driver: I'm not going to remember all those technical terms.
Mechanic: Well there's nothing broken or out of standards on your car. It just needs fuel.
Driver: So I'll just call you whenever this happens.
Mechanic: Well no that's not really my job...
Driver: Listen I depend on this car for work and I'm not a car guy. I'll be back next time it needs gas. Now if you'll excuse me I'll need to go put "Excellent Car Skills" on my resume and quarterly performance reviews.

That's exactly the level IT staff expected to operate at lest they be thought of as "unprofessional."

The guy behind the counter at Burger King isn't unprofessional because he won't chew your Whopper for you. You don't go back to your mechanic every time you need a turn signal turned on.

Three times a week minimum I have to listen to one of my users' long form rants about how the computer system that their leadership, not the IT dept, choose and purchase are "too slow." "Computer Unhappiness Whining Post" is part of my job description.
I must tell you that your "grass is greener" view of customers in areas outside of IT is way too optimistic and that your auto repair scenario is much closer to reality than to satire. Try visiting the website for examples. Having to deal with incredibly stupid, rude, outrageous, insane people is an inherent part of customer interactions in all lines of work. I am not saying that all customers are this way, just that enough are that dealing with them is part of the job.
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