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Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
Election: Hopefuls put their hat in the ring, party members vote for their favorite.

Qualified Election: Hopefuls are approved by party leadership, then the party members vote.

Selection: Hopefuls present themselves to the party leadership, who then pick one to be the nominee.

Delegated Selection: Party members elect the party leadership, who then pick a nominee from among the hopefuls.

Big Brother: Party leadership picks you to be the nominee. "Hopeful" doesn't even enter into it.

Brave New Party: You're happy to be the nominee. Everybody is happy you're the nominee. Shut up and take your soma.
I would add another option in years where there is no incumbent running for re-election: Open Primaries, where one does not need to be a member of that party to vote for the nomination, but you can only vote for one party's candidate.

Under that scheme a Republican could vote to nominate the most unsavory Democrat as a spoiler, but then that Republican would not be able to vote for a Republican candidate (and vice-versa, of course). The idea is to reduce the insularity of the two parties.
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