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Originally Posted by Heiwa View Post
And RyanMackay is in another thread trying to produce a 1 m tall model/structure showing it, i.e. how little part C crushes down big part A of same structure by gravity only. Ryan suggests that it really doesn't work in scale 1/1, but if you scale up the model 410 times to become 410x64x64 m, then it will! It seems that scale factor is a problem for Ryan. In scale 1/1 some structural items/elements/connections/particulars become too strong so that the model doesn't crush down but if you scale up 410 times apparently some items/elements/connections/particulars become weak and then ... halleluja ... upper part C crushes bigger part A. Ryan is going to show his work in a video soon. I wonder what kind of model he will show? The 1 m or the 410 m?
Although disjointed to the point of near-incomprehensibility, this rambling mess illustrates a point I've made before about the futility of trying to prove anything to the truth movement about the WTC collapses using scale models. Even if it were possible to take into account the scaling issues by adjusting the dimensions and/or material strengths of the support structure of the models, so that the behaviour of the model could be expected by an educated, competent and reasonable-minded engineer to replicate the behaviour of the full-size structure, its results would be rejected by the truth movement on the grounds that the very measures taken to address the scaling issues had biased the structure in favour of collapse. Sadly, "educated, competent and reasonable-minded" is not a description that can be applied to conspiracy theorists; many fail even to achieve two out of three.

Inspiring discussion of Sharknado is not a good sign for the audience expectations of your new high-concept SF movie sequel.

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