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Originally Posted by Ziggurat View Post
But the concept of free speech is broader than the 1st amendment.
Indeed, and in ways not often appreciated. Any democratic freedom is a political freedom. Political freedoms are extensive to all in democracy because of democracy's bedrock principal, political equality. Without recognition of an equal voice in making and standing before the law, then there is no freedom, only reserved privileges. There are many arguments that can be made from this important qualifying distinction regarding current and traditional discourse, one being that on the left, dropping the political qualifier leads to excesses of one kind, and on the right, dropping the qualifier for equality leads to others, mostly of a deadlier nature.

The idiocy or malice, take your pick, has gone on for centuries, citing supposed differences among ethnicities or genders to justify the denial of choice and voice, when those differences are irrelevant. (No, not even Neanderthal genes give a leg up).

But to the point: speech that directly denies or seeks to suppress political equality does not deserve protection, as it denies the very foundation of the freedom it claims to do so.

Game over.
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