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Dylan Avery, Gentleman and Fearless Truth Warrior

Many of you are aware that Dylan Avery has recently angrily debated Killtown over Killtown's belief that no planes hit the World Trade Center on 9/11. Here's an excerpt from a May 10, 2007 radio interview:

Avery: "Well, yeah, man, I really don't want to come down too hard on Killtown because he's done a lot of great research, but I can no longer sit idly by and watch people like him perpetrate this ridiculous theory which – I'm sorry – doesn't have any basis."

Bermas: "It has zero legs at all, and like you said, Dylan, Killtown was sort of a pioneer, you know, when me and Dylan were into this, maybe less than a year after the attacks, Killtown was one of the first people to put out sites asking tough questions about the Pentagon and other anomalies. And it's really sad to see people go by the wayside and go into these ludicrous theories of Holograms, TV fakery, and CGI. ...When there's a plane hole in both buildings and we have videos of the planes hitting them."

Avery: "And not only that, Bermas, we've got a little bit of a montage in the final cut of eyewitnesses to the planes."

Bermas: "Yeah, absolutely, I thought that was really cool, too, because a lot of that stuff was just audio that no one's ever heard on like WABC or WNBC radio. And it shows that people did see the attacks and they immediately reported them."

Avery: "Yup. Called right into the radio."
Of course, Avery has repeatedly stated that American flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon, and United flight 93 did not crash near Shanksville. In fact, he has called his "no 757 at the Pentagon" theory his strongest evidence that 9/11 was an "inside job":

In one interview:
“I've found that the Pentagon is the easiest sell.”

In another interview:
"There's no 757 at the Pentagon. It just simply isn't there. IT DIDN'T HIT THE PENTAGON, OBVIOUSLY, AND THERE'S NO TRACE OF IT AT THE PENTAGON, SO WHERE DID IT GO?"
In another interview:
Host: "A quick question about the Pentagon. You've done a lot of exhaustive investigation there. Are you convinced that that was not that jet, that it was some other military jet, for lack of a better term?"

Avery: "Am I convinced that it wasn't flight 77, basically? Yeah, hands down."

In another interview:
"You know, they say there's a lot of witnesses who say they saw, you know, a Boeing 757 fly into the Pentagon, but you gotta remember a lot of those people also WORK in the Pentagon. And either that's what they were told to say, maybe they were told to say it was a drill, I don't know. But you have to take these things into consideration."

Claiming the U.S. military deliberately allowed the attack:
Host: "I thought it astounding that anything, anything at all hit the Pentagon, never mind the Twin Towers, you could see they might not be ready for that. But you would think, and one would have to assume, that the Pentagon had orders for every defense to be stood down."

Avery: "...It's the most heavily guarded airspace in the world. That's confirmed." [Completely false]

Host: "What about automated missile defense systems?"

Avery: "Oh, yeah. The Pentagon's got 'em on every section of the lawn. I mean, you've got SAM sites all OVER the place!" [Completely false]

Dylan Avery on the passengers aboard flights 77 and 93:
They didn't die on these planes as we are told. There is actually some evidence that some of these people were already dead before 9/11
Avery speculates on the fate of flight 77 victims:
"There were a number of employees of Raytheon, which is the developer of the Global Hawk, there was actually three members of Boeing on that plane, um, EMS Solutions, which I think is a company that develops ballistic and cruise missiles. There's a lot of different theories about this, but it seems like either these people were a part of 9/11, and they told them, like, 'Yeah, get on this plane, we're gonna take you to a conference, and that was the end of that. Or, they were already in the wing of the Pentagon, because, you know, the Navy is the one that got hit, and they were either already in that wing and they just made them passengers, but, I mean, there's really no way to absolutely tell."

Avery speculates that the father of a boy who died on 9/11 may have knowingly sent his son to die and then avoided the Pentagon to protect himself:
"The other thing which I didn't get to mention in the movie, which I'm going to, is a little kid by the name of Bernard Brown Jr., a eight or nine-year-old boy on the morning of 9/11 was going on a National Geographic field trip with his class, and on that morning his father, Bernard Brown Sr., who works in the Navy wing of the Pentagon, sat his son down and had a talk with him about death, because his son was scared about flying on the plane, or whatever.

And Bernard Sr. was like 'Hey, don't be afraid to die, because everybody's gonna some day," and his son got on flight 77 and we know what happened to that. Oh, actually, we DON'T know what happened to flight 77, but we do know what happened to Bernard. And Bernard Brown Sr., according to his wife, took an UNUSUAL day off from work to go play golf. Like, this is a man who never took a single day off of work, and after telling his son not to be afraid to die, he takes a day off work to go play GOLF, and had he not been on the golf course, he would have been killed."

Host: "Has anybody tried to question him?"

Avery: "Um, me and Phil were actually considering tracking him down and getting him on the phone, to talk to him about 9/11 and see if anything slips. But I think he was either deeply involved in it, and talking to him on the phone might not be such a hot idea, or talking to him about sending his son to die might be a bad idea. Since that article was MSNBC, I believe nobody's actually tried to contact him, and we actually haven't heard from him since."

In Loose Change 2nd Edition, Avery dismisses all the telephoned last words of the airline victims as impossible (not only the cell phone calls: ALL the calls made by the victims:
“Flight Attendant Betty Ong allegedly placed a call from Flight 11 according to the 9-11 Commission, although the conversation lasted 23 minutes, only 4 and a half minutes was recorded.

Does Ms. Ong sound like a woman on a hijacked plane who just saw three people murdered? Why is nobody in the background screaming?

To date, none of the calls, except for Betty Ong's call to American Airlines, has been released to the public.

But to be honest, none of that matters. Why? Because none of these calls could have taken place.

Avery is well aware that many people saw flight 77 hit the Pentagon, that many others collected the aircraft debris, and that the remains of every flight 77 passenger but one was collected from the Pentagon wreckage and positively identified. You can find over 100 of these eyewitness accounts to flight 77's impact, along with a mountain of other evidence about the Pentagon attack, on my page here: Flight 77 / Pentagon Summary of Evidence, many links

Avery has repeatedly avoided answering my questions about what hit the Pentagon. The last time I asked, he banned me from posting on his website. When I learned that Avery was online in a chatroom tonight, I thought I'd pose that question again. Here's how that went:

Avery interview quotes are sourced in
Loose Change Creators Speak
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