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Originally Posted by Praktik View Post
Remember when all the hippies thought: "well when we get older and the old people around NOW die out we're gonna legalize weed"

it didn't happen.

While all the demographic trends point to a shift happening wherein once the dinosaurs stuck in the muck of backwards Victorian morality die out that we'll finally be able to shed all of this anti-gay stuff - is the same thing going to happen?

In other words, are there enough NEW bigots being made to hold the status quo beyond our expectations?
No. For a few reasons:
  • People cease using marijuana as they get older - they don't stop being gay. Age itself (not just generational differences) is more of a factor.
  • The Federal government is much more heavily involved in drug laws than marriage laws
  • Racism is really the most apt analogy, and we have solid evidence of changing values over time there.

I expect to see legal gay marriage come about throughout most of the US in the next decade.
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