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Originally Posted by The Don View Post
Some good news for The Don family. The headline case rate (number tested positive in the last 7 days per 100,000) in Monmouthshire is down to 95/100,000, a month ago it was 500/100,000. This seems to indicate that being out and about, while taking suitable precautions, is significantly less risky than it was quite recently. We'll still be wary, but there's less reason to be paranoid.

More good news. The rules in Wales changed on 30 January. We can now meet another person outside our household for exercise. This means that Mrs Don can go for a walk with a friend or I can go for a run or a ride with my neighbour.

edited to add.....

Today's headline figure is 85.6/100,000

Our "neighbourhood" is on 48.6, although the local authority as a whole is on 79.6. Wouldn't you be better going by your own neighbourhood if you're not planning on going far?

There were reports of an "outbreak" in the village where I live in the middle of last week, but I don't think we were anything out of the ordinary and the doctor's surgery were telling people the testing centre was set up in the village more because of geography - we're 40 miles from the county hospital and possibly the same to the airport where there is a test centre. Some people were getting tested although they knew they couldn't have been exposed but I didn't bother. First rule of laboratory medicine, if you know for certain what the result is going to be, don't do the test (unless it's a real population survey, which this wasn't).

I walked into the centre of the village this afternoon to pay my newspaper bill and buy some more tapeworm tablets for the cat, because the weather forecast says we might be snowed in tonight or tomorrow for a few days. Not that it's impossible to walk the 500 yards to the village centre no matter how much snow there is but why make it difficult? Both shops I went into are one-customer-only and have perspex shields at the counters, but I wore the FFP3 anyway.

I met a friend on the way back so I dropped my purchases off at my house and continued on a walk with her. I think it's legal anyway, but since I'm in a rather arms-length extended household with her and her husband, it was OK regardless. Her husband has already had his first vaccine dose and everyone seems to think they're getting through the lists pretty well despite the attempts at bad publicity and rubbishing the system. Numbers of new infections are certainly coming down.
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