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Originally Posted by Stacyhs View Post
Number 3 was a good one but I'll go with #2:

Sometime, long ago, I posted links to 3 separate criminal cases that Hellmann presided over.

Got to love these:

Oh, no! A MASON! Everyone knows Masons eat children in satanic rituals while dancing around a bonfire on Halloween! My level 32 Masonic father in-law used to do that all the time. We learned to keep the grandkids away from him near Halloween.

Wait...I thought Hellmann was bribed with a Ferrari to acquit the pair.

Darn! Those satanic, money loving, rich, corrupt Masons are everywhere!
You can scoff but Perugia is riddled with freemasonry. Wink and a nod, fixed it for you.

If anyone cannot see that Knox and Sollecito's annulment was not a fix of the highest order they must be some kind of conspiracy theorist that holds Knox was picked on for being a promiscuous American. For all the hundreds of thousands of pounds Knox' family spent on PR (in her deposition to the ECHR she puts the figure she owes her parents at 2.4m) when most likely it was Raff's father's connections via Bongiorno that got the pair off.
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