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Originally Posted by Captain_Swoop View Post
We are being directly asked by Michael Gove to follow the advice of experts. Michael Gove, a man who famously told the nation "we've had enough of experts"

Is it any wonder people aren't following their advice, they've spent a decade proving they are untrustworthy.
Do you think the minority of people not following the government's advice would behave significantly differently if, say, Jeremy Corbyn had won in December 2019? I think such people would just find another excuse to behave like morons.

Putting my cards on the table, my politics are on the whole left of centre, but I'm not going to exploit a national crisis to score points, pick on every little thing that (in hindsight) could have been done better or whine about individual politicians because I disagree with their policies outside the pandemic response.

Christ, we've got a nominally right-wing conservative government paying people 80% of their salary to stay at home.

Being an armchair critic is so easy. If you're that incensed get off your ass and help.
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