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Originally Posted by Thor 2 View Post
I would have thought the melting of Arctic sea ice would have no effect on sea level, because it is already floating and thereby displacing as much water as it would if melted. Ice that is land based is a different matter.
Salty water and saltier water plus sea ice both coming from the first one don't occupy the same volume. But the difference in sea level is negligible, roughly in the order of 0.1mm for those 14,000 cubic kilometres. If the same amount melts from a continental ice sheet, the sea level would raise some 40mm.

This is a fact not very important, but what everyone should realize is that when sea ice is created from sea water, part of the water ends up above sea level, and that makes for a very small but larger difference.

By the way, I put some famous global warming "advocate" on ignore for good because he once manufactured a long-winded discussion with me about what I've just said being wrong and he wouldn't listen to reason no matter what.
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