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Originally Posted by McHrozni View Post
Yes. Donating blood cells (and plasma) is a common medical procedure, the blood is drawn in a continuous system, the cells separated from plasma, the relevant cell layer is removed and the rest of the blood put back into patient.

It all sounds scary, but it is not. You would be donating a buffy coat:

The blood is commonly processed after donation, you almost never recieve a donation of full blood. It is usually erithrocytes plus saline, we use plasma for other patients who need fresh frozen plasma, such as hemophiliacs. The reason why your blood would be put back in you is because there are very few leukocytes in blood as compared to other fractions and only a few percent of them would be NK cells.

This is done through apheresis:

Probably not, but ask your doctor all the same.

Ah, the whole family has given blood. Dad was a WWII Vet, knew the value and ease.

The question was "do they keep the plasma out to separate the NKs later, or do they separate the plasma and put it back in while the donor is on the table?" Sounds like the separation step is probably too complex to do at the phlebotomist's.

But found out that my sibs have already asked the oncologist about me, he says I'm not a good choice due to my health issues. Bro has 4 other first degree relatives. Two are local, two would fly in if needed. Not likely they would need me, but I already emailed my Doc. But Bro is getting down to life-or-death, it's a no-brainer that I would step up.

Apparently even random NKs will help, but the closer the match the better. First step is a gene test for all the potential donors.

I'm not sure if they are concerned about a lowered plasma level causing me grief, or that i may get anxious on the table and cause THEM grief. But I'm pretty stoical, even had a knee replaced without sedation. Local and spinal yes, but I was awake and could FEEL the bone saws and hammers in my ears, more than hear them.

eta: Apparently the DNA study is to check the HLA-DRB1 gene in particular. That is after a rough match of histocomaotaibility HLA-a,b,&c. The HLA-DRB1 match is to avoid Sarcoidosis. Genes is tuff.
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