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"a process known as endovascular coiling or coil embolisation." It's old hat. Basically stick a wad of steel wool in there, and the blood will clot to it and stop the excess flow.

oops, eta: "has performed the first-ever brain surgery in the country, without cutting the skull."

I've been interested for the last few years. First thinking I had Acromegaly, a growth in the Pituitary gland, and recently an MRI turned up water on the brain. It makes the optical nerve swell, and push in the nerves that control the eye muscles. Probably mental/brain stuff too. I THINK the fix for mw will be neck surgery, seems the bad disc can squeeze the spinal canal enough to make the fluid back up into the brain, while meantime pinching the spinal cord proper, causing musculus-skeletal probs allovermy body. I'll see the latest MRIs of brain/eyes/neck in two weeks. I wish a coil embolization would fix it, It may require a laminoplasty, splitting the vertebra and screwing them in the open position. Cool pics on the net though. See the spinal cord: (alert, it is a red & white photo)
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