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Originally Posted by bruto View Post
Very nice, but I'm not sure it's the first of any kind of brain surgery done without cutting into the skull, though I guess it's the first time for this particular problem. My wife's niece just recently had a brain tumor removed with surgery going through the nose. This in the Houston, TX area. The tumor is apparently benign, but threatened her vision. She'd had previous surgery but it hadn't gotten the whole thing. They think they got it this time, and she's happy that it doesn't involve skull healing and hair loss and all that.

Anyway, it's certainly a grand thing not to have to cut holes in the skull. It seems as if miniaturization of viewing and the like has been quite a boon
No miniaturization involved. It's done under Fluoroscopy, the Doc can see the arteries in his monitor. Because of a dye they inject. I've had it done 3-8 times, defending on how you count count: just pics or install a stent. I'm non-sedated, wide awake up to when they inflate the stent. And watching it on the monitor set up for the patients.
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