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Originally Posted by ergo View Post
tfk, the Bazantian nonsense has been thoroughly debunked. Get over it. Not only that, but it's become entirely irrelevant.

You also have been debunked, right here on JREF, several times over, by Tony Szamboti. That you don't realize it is not really anyone else's problem.

This forum seems to be dead. I guess the intelligent posters here realize the futility of arguing with people who beliebe either that a) steel-framed highrises routinely plummet to the street from upper floor damage, or b) that there was something really special about the plane crashes and the terrorists and the fires on 9/11 that caused this special and unusual destruction of not two, but three buildings, and it would probably only happen again if it involved just that unique combination. (It's a crap shoot as to which argument you'll get on any given day... )
Fringe reset cycle up already?
"You must not let your need to be right be more important than your need to find out what's true." - Ray Dalio, Principles
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