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Happened on something interesting today. Apparently there's an actual radiological health concern about building muon-muon colliders due to neutrinos.
This paper is intended to provide a first estimate of the radiological hazard posed by
the neutrino radiation generated by decays of high energy muons circulating in a future
+ – collider installed in the CERN region. Values of off-sites annual dose equivalent
due to the neutrino radiation in equilibrium with its secondaries are calculated for
muon energies from 1 to 10 TeV and for various depths at which the accelerator may
be installed. A comparison is made with similar data available from the literature. For
CoM energies exceeding 4 TeV some countermeasure must be adopted to limit the
radiation dose; possible solutions are briefly discussed
High energy muon colliders, such as the TeV-scale conceptual designs now being considered, are found to produce
enough high energy neutrinos to constitute a potentially serious off-site radiation hazard in the neighbourhood of the
accelerator site. A general characterization of this radiation
hazard is given, followed by an order-of-magnitude calculation for the off-site annual radiation dose and a discussion
of accelerator design and site selection strategies to minimize the radiation hazard.
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