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Originally Posted by caveman1917 View Post
Because there is a difference between protons and neutrons therefor they both can't be fermions. Why do I even bother?
I really don't get this petulance. If you really believe your anarchist ideas are so great, why the reluctance to sell us on them? Why not talk about how your anarchist utopia deals with the roving warlord, and how that's not the same as how a nation would deal with it?

Originally Posted by caveman1917 View Post
And there's nothing stopping the people who got rid of the old states to get rid of the new ones as well. It'll probably be much easier, given that any new state will be much more "vulnerable" - certainly in the beginning - than the states are now.
Okay, how? Are you going to round up a posse and go after the warlord? If so, how is that substantially different from using an army?

Suppose the citizens of the new state don't want you to get rid of it. What then? Do you use force? Where do you derive the right to do that?

Originally Posted by caveman1917 View Post
Me thinks you're using the terms "collective" and "cooperative" without actually understanding what they mean.
Alright, educate me then. How am I using them wrong? What do they actually mean? Why are you so reluctant to explain your ideas?
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