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Originally Posted by GlennB View Post
We subscribe to a few expat forums and YT groups. You simply wouldn't believe the number of Brit expats, some admitted Brexit voters, who have been taken by surprise by the whole business and are suddenly asking for advice. Wondering why they can't travel freely to and fro ... how they can acquire residency rights when they have never bothered to apply for those rights ... wondering how they can gain Greek NHS rights or fix their totally neglected tax affairs.

Wankers. It's hard to feel any sympathy.

I'm torn, to be honest.

Yes, zero awareness on their side, but they were lied to by politicians and - and this is the kicker - the combined might of the UK press corps.

I know 'don't trust a politician' is a reasonable touchstone, but trusting a newspaper isn't really, on the face of it, the daftest propostion. Until you look a little further afield.

People shouldn't have had to go hunting outside of the mainstream press for accurate information about the biggest political decision of their lives. But, if you knew nothing to start with (not unresonable) then reading what are nominaly respectable newspapers would not have provided one with all the facts to make an informed decision.
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