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Originally Posted by 3point14 View Post
I'm torn, to be honest.

Yes, zero awareness on their side, but they were lied to by politicians and - and this is the kicker - the combined might of the UK press corps.

I know 'don't trust a politician' is a reasonable touchstone, but trusting a newspaper isn't really, on the face of it, the daftest propostion. Until you look a little further afield.

People shouldn't have had to go hunting outside of the mainstream press for accurate information about the biggest political decision of their lives. But, if you knew nothing to start with (not unresonable) then reading what are nominaly respectable newspapers would not have provided one with all the facts to make an informed decision.

I'm really fed up with the way "don't trust politicians/all politicians lie" is being used these days (Please note, I'm not saying you're using it this way), it's used as an excuse, both for their lying, and to justify there being no consequences to them for lying, and to shift the blame from the liars to the lied to. Politicians need to face consequences for lying (while accepting opinion, that people make mistakes and that everyone will seek to present facts in a way that benefit themselves, I'm referring to verifiable lies), rather than hoping the electorate will put the time and effort into fact checking everything they say (despite most of the newspapers they read going along with the lies).
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