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Originally Posted by MRC_Hans View Post
It seems to me that this is a bar brawl that has nothing to do with the actual event. I saw the video, and there appeared to be three groups, each following their own agenda and doing some chanting. There were mild confrontations between some of them and some mocking and yelling, but the situation didn't escalate and no violence happened.

What I saw were groups of people exerting their right to express their opinion. Some of these opinions I strongly disagree with, but that is beside the point. They seemed to mostly restrict themselves to verbal utterances, and it seems nobody was physically hurt. If you are mentally hurt by people expressing their opinion, stay away from such events.

In short .... what is the problem, here?

One problem is that you have an actual violent hate group whose conduct is being swept under the rug because an activist is exploiting misleading videos and several high schoolers have received death threats as a result.
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