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Originally Posted by WilliamSeger View Post
Anyone can -- and probably has -- demonstrated some or all of the NPD behaviors from time to time, but that doesn't mean they're NPD. No, most politicians are not "essentially Trumpian in nature" because NPD behaviors do not dominate their personality as they clearly do with Trump, who seems to be virtually incapable of any other kind of behavior. His bloated but fragile ego and his sociopathic dishonesty and lack of empathy come to the fore in virtually every circumstance. He can't hide it. Some psychologists believe that most adolescents go through a narcissistic phase on their way to maturity. Most people outgrow it (or at least mostly so), but some people like Trump seem to get stuck at that level of immaturity.

No, we have never had a national politician (much less a president) like Trump in my lifetime, and these attempts to normalize him are laughable.
That's fine. Reasonable people can disagree about the exceptionalism of President Trump. I'm not here to argue that point. I just have two questions for you. The first one is, what does the Yale group contribute to your analysis, that you weren't able to figure out on your own? Not just terminology; how have they changed your thinking in some meaningful way?
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