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I've mentioned this before but its disheartening watching the discussion go through the stages

1. I hate X.
2. I hate people who support X.
3. I hate people who don't hate X.
4. I hate people who don't hate X enough.

And Trump is so much of a decisive dumpster fire in a bad suit that we've reached:

5. I hate people who don't take every opportunity to say how much the they hate the people who don't hate Trump enough.

The end game of this should be a better world for all of us. Not crowing the winner in the "Who can hate Trump the most and bring it up the most" contest.
- No, someone having reality and facts on their side does not mean they have been given an unfair advantage and it is not a bias against you. You're just wrong.
- There is no Overton Window for facts.
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