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Originally Posted by Skeptic Ginger View Post
So you are assuming he's guilty?

He has a response to all of the accusations.
No. Actually that's my bad. I phrased the post incorrectly. I should have said "If true, then that would be really disappointing". Believe me, I wish nothing more than these accusations being false. But in the past, this has not been the case. Typically, one accusation comes out and the accuser says nothing or denies it. A second one comes out, same thing. Then a third..... by the time there's about four or more than four, then the accuser starts going like "Ok, lets run an investigation to find out what happened" or then starts to be more vocal and addresses the situation by saying "it's true that he did know the women but it didn't play the way they describe it".... and then at the end, when the heat has been raised enough, and there's lots of accusers and of articles describing what happened, plus the investigation; the accuser ends up having to admit that the accusers were actually right and apologizes. That is more or less how this has been playing out in the past.

This is why I'm having a bad feeling about this. Still, I'm hoping that in this case, it's not true.
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