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Originally Posted by Vixen View Post
Forensic IT experts (and we know how thoroughy nerdy they are) found without a doubt Raff lied when he claimed he was surfing the net half the night.
Hellmann disagreed that it proved RS lied.
In his Nov. 2 deposition, RS never mentions being on his computer the night of the murder. It's not until his lawyerless and coercive interrogation on Nov. 5/6 that he says he was on his computer while Amanda as out at Le Chic. His description of the time she was gone and where she was actually reflects the night before; Halloween.

Telephone communications experts testified he lied about not turning his phone off circa 8:50-ish around the same time as Knox. There were no signals recorded to his phone despite his father ringing circa 11:30pm.
No, the communications did not testify RS lied. That is a lie in itself. Show me one of them saying RS 'lied'. From Hellmann:

However, a defense consultant showed that the signal did not reach every point in the house regularly; which could explain, possibly in conjunction with other external factors (for example, the occasional presence of an obstacle), the delay in the reception of the message (not a rare occurrence, as anyone used to exchanging SMS knows well), so that it cannot be considered certain that the phone was turned off.
None of the residents in the same building or region had any problems with their phone signals.
LOL! Nonsense. Are you actually claiming that every person in that building or region told the police they had not received a text message within minutes of it being sent? REALLY?

He lied in a signed police statement (an educated Italian-speaker, who cannot claim, 'me no understandee') that Knox was with him all night. He corrected this 'sack of ****' (his words) to testify in a written witness statement and signed by him 5 Nov 2007 that he had come home alone about 9:00 after being out in the old town. He then surfed the net and Knox turned up at 1:00am.
As previously stated, he described the events of the night corroborated by witnesses...which he confused with the next night while being interrogated without a lawyer late at night, and refused even the ability to check a calendar. In your world, no one being interrogated by police can become confused. Of course, studies on false confessions show this is absolutely false and that anyone can become confused. Would you like me to present them? I can.
No wonder the liar didn't want to show his face in the witness box!
Assuming facts not in evidence. But there's always your sour opinion. You cannot allow any explanation for anything that does not indicate guilt. Nothing, in your opinion, ever has an innocent, non-inculpatory explanation. Nothing. EVERYTHING must be seen through guilt colored glasses. Knox's DNA in her own sink? Left at the time of the murder! A footprint TMB negative? STILL blood! Turned off their phones? Guilty! Took a shower? Guilty! If either of the pair farted, you'd see it as proof of guilt.

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