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Originally Posted by AnimalFriendly View Post
Barbie Nadeau's 5/9/19 article in The Daily Beast included the following:

Meredith Kercher died when she was only 21 years old. Upon the news of Knox’s return to Italy, a member of Kercher’s family told The Daily Beast that they will have to brace for the pain that comes with having the person they firmly believe participated in the murder back in the news. “One has to wonder why she is doing this, why we have to go through all this again” the Kercher family member said. “You don’t get used to the notion that your daughter’s killer has become a superstar any more than you get used to the fact that your daughter was murdered in the first place.”

Is that an actual quote from one of the Kerchers? Or did Barbie make it all up? Who knows. It's pretty bad regardless of which scenario it falls under.
Thanks. I see that it wasn't Slimy Toad Maresca the Kerchers spoke through but the Daily Beast.

She isn't their daughter's killer; Guede is. Knox does not, and should not, have to live her life according to the Kercher's mistaken belief. I'm so sick of the PGP saying Knox should "think about the Kercher's feelings". Do they think about hers when they call her their daughter's killer? No. Knox is shamed for not 'allowing the Kerchers to heal', yet she is somehow wrong for trying to heal, too.
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