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Originally Posted by The Shrike View Post
Correct, but the reason for their hesitancy is the same mistake Democrats always make: they're worried about polling, optics, etc. The Democrats tight-lipped at the moment on impeachment are only holding out because they're worried about re-election by this mythical centrist voter. They don't get that mobilizing their base (which actually does represent mainstream views on a lot of issues) is the key.

This is not what Republicans do to get stuff done. They stake out some space and then proclaim to the voters "this is where you should be if you love America!" All the voters shout "YEAH!" and stampede to that position. It's the reason they get their constituents to vote for stuff they don't actually want.

Imagine if Democrats came out with a full-throated "We're Democrats and we're the real patriots because x, y, and z. If you want to defeat the enemies of America, then join us in this fight, etc."

It was the mealy-mouthed, hand-wringing safety of seeking the middle that led to the Hillary Clinton campaign and, ultimately of course, to President Trump. Pussy-footing around on impeachment is straight out of the losing Democratic playbook.

A variation on "Who Needs Moderates and Centrists"?
Keep that up, you are doing Trump a huge favor.
The Dems now have their own version of the Tea Party, sadly.
Pacifism is a shifty doctrine under which a man accepts the benefits of the social group without being willing to pay - and claims a halo for his dishonesty.

Robert Heinlein.
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