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Originally Posted by isissxn View Post
I totally understand! It always gave me anxiety too. I half-blame my OCD on religion, in fact. My earliest exhibitions of those kinds of looping thoughts and obsessions and rituals were all centered around religion and fears about going to hell. The Bible story about Abraham being told to kill his son Isaac, in particular, scared me ****-less, because it made me think, "Wow. God will go that far to test people, that is pretty hardcore. How can I ever relax?" I always worried that God was trying to test me in different ways and developed all these rituals to try and prevent failing. It's hard to explain, but I think I definitely know what you mean about deep anxiety from that kind of spiritual stuff. I felt SO much better once I'd moved away from it entirely.

Of course, as a skeptic (), I do feel compelled to note that I could be confusing correlation and causation with regard to religion "giving" me OCD. Perhaps I'd have developed OCD regardless, and religious anxieties were just what my original symptoms centered around since that's what I was surrounded by as a kid. After all, I still have the OCD symptoms (though they're much more under control these days) - they just concern different types of things now. Either way, though, religion and spirituality can be stressful stuff. I think they can **** kids up, especially if they're presented too intensely in childhood.
Thank you for your comments, I too have OCD, religion can cause it I am so sure.
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