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Originally Posted by isissxn View Post
Absolutely! Even when someone is making the effort to be more skeptical, there's always that nagging feeling of "but what if I'm wrong?" And that feeling inevitably gets worse when we keep running into people who claim to have the answers (like mediums and psychics), who claim to be in touch with all these forces we're trying to understand so that we can stop worrying. It can be genuinely frightening.

It isn't real, though. Time and time again, psychics fail to pass properly constructed tests. Their only real power comes from being able to mess with people's emotions. They're not all doing it on purpose. Some of them truly believe that they're in touch with God or other spiritual forces, the same way I often did when I was in the throes of OCD episodes. But they're wrong, just like I was wrong. Our minds have incredible powers to deceive us. The more desperately we want to sort the chaos of life into tangible order, the stronger those deceptions can get.

Have you ever tried any of those Cognitive Behavioral Therapy workbooks? I've sometimes found those kinds of exercises helpful for laying out my disordered thoughts.
Thank you for your reply. What's your story and its nice to speak with someone who understands. Religion really made my OCD in full swing, it's so bad for some people, including me. I would be told about the devil and spiritual warfare, it's so scary. The Bible also used to make me so anxious.
I am starting CBT next month, I am also on a very low medication, it's helped massively.

Can I also ask how we change our profile picture?
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