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Originally Posted by Dr. Keith View Post
That you are looking for help and recognizing your issues is very good. I hope that the CBT is helpful and please stay on your medication as long as your doctors recommend it.

Life can be really great once you get past some of the damage that others have brought upon you.

I think one important thing to remember is that being a skeptic is a lot like being a good person. It is not a destination, it is journey. Every day you decide whether you want to think clearly about the world and how you want to treat people in your daily life. And, in a world where you get to decide who you are every single day, why not try to be the best version of you that you can be that day.

Go to the Help tab (up there on the far right under the planets) and click on Signatures and Avatars. That will get you started in the right direction.

Thank you, yes I will. It was myself who asked the doctor to go on them. I am looking forward to starting the CBT. I am a mother, I work full time (rather stressful working enviroment) but the silly stuff I did in the past did affect me. I don't class myself as overly superstitious but what happened did spook me, as I couldn't explain. I then was counselled by a Christian (which only made things worse) so decided to seek advice from a medium, which made it all the more worse and I found myself becoming delusioned by it. Hence why I found myself coming on here, to try and re educate myself and unravel the nonsense that I previously believed in.
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