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Originally Posted by Random View Post
There are three problems with the whole "Let's just wait for him to lose the election" strategy. One, that is what we did last time, it didn't work. Two, while he is in office, he is still doing illegal things. Three, this particular illegal thing was designed to help him win re-election.
"We can't wait" doesn't change the reality that nobody who wants to do anything about Trump is in a position to do anything about Trump.

To torture the metaphor a bit we're suggesting going to get a pair of snakebit resistant gloves before grabbing the snake.

You're pointing out, and I need to stress I don't think you are wrong per se, that the snake might bite more children while we go get the gloves. I'm pointing out that if we grab the snake before we are ready we risk getting bit ourselves, dying, and there's no one to get the snake before it bites all the children.
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