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Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
So does every president. That's literally their job. Remember all the people, including hundreds of civilians, that President Obama had killed? Not even people that died directly or indirectly from Obama Administration policy. I'm talking just about the thousands of people that President Obama literally ordered killed, in his capacity as Commander in Chief of the armed forces.

Support the Kurds, people are going to die. Don't support the Kurds, people are going to die.
”People are going to die” doesn’t impress me in many arguments. I know you say you are highlighting special pleading, not necessarily defending Trump. So I’m not going to make a moral argument - I’ll look at another angle.

My main point is this; even a minimal U.S. footprint seems to be highly efficient and effective to check Turkey’s ambition to overrun the border area. Why should the U.S. care? People who know more than Trump could see that those few special forces were, among other things, helping to secure 11,000 captured ISIS fighters. It was the least we could do. (Almost literally.) But Trump chose to cut and run *immediately* after one phone call with another head of state. A dictator trying to shore up his own totalitarian grasp on theocracy, but set that aside.

The cork in the dike seemed to be working and Trump pulled out the cork. Unilaterally, or at least as unilaterally as a president can get. Surely he has heard many persuasive arguments that the U.S. presence was on balance good for U.S. national security. For one thing, it matters that the U.S. stands with allies. For another, we have apparently left 11,000 ISIS soldiers and many of their family members in Kurdish prisons or camps with apparently no further U.S. oversight - hence no state is responsible for them. Unless there were reasons he hasn’t stated for the move, it seems highly irrational. Not just to me; to people who know a hell of a lot more about national security than Trump does. Like Graham and McConnell.

Surely this has been explained to Trump many times but he can’t seem to sustain knowledge unless it’s all about him. Trump can’t hold the pieces together unless he’s at the center of the topic.

Now he’s saying WH won’t cooperate with impeachment probe which is an issue he “gets” because it’s all about him.

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