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Originally Posted by calebprime View Post
I left out Adderall because I didn't watch the whole video, which perhaps I assumed incorrectly was about Sudafed. I just tried to skim it to see if it was click-bait.

No, if we the public have evidence that Trump is taking Adderall, that's different. So, was there evidence? I'm not watching the video again.

I'm making the point that wealthy powerful people are unlikely to abuse silly drugs like Sudafed -- they're going to go with heavy prescription drugs -- think Michael Jackson -- or industrial-strength illegal drugs -- think Jerry Garcia. Trump would be the same.

"Again?!" What do you mean? You never watched it in the first place!!!
I don't have the number of Trump's coke and meth dealers, but I can give you this:

Trump snorted Adderall all thru the day on ‘Apprentice’ he also ate UK. Sudafed like candy. But at night and at parties he switched to cocaine and high-end Methamphetamine that was hand-delivered by Bikers. The point is he was always high. That hasn’t changed.
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