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Originally Posted by wasapi View Post
The past few days I have been doing deeper research on the church. It turns out that it is run by the people from Berkley Psychic Institute, which I am already familiar with.

Why they are allowed to continues has been a mystery to me for many years. Blatant money scam artists, with a woman named Minister Bostwick (I may have the name not quite right). She is a scam artist who runs a church that "teaches" you to be psychic.

When people balk at the price, they are told they must not be psychic, or else they would know what a good investment it is.

Several years ago, out of curiosity, I attended a free demonstration by the institute, where people were encouraged to pay the price to "learn to be psychic". Her students demonstrated how they were in tune with the "vibes" on the "other side". With eyes closed, they swatted away "negative spirits trying to enter. It looked like people swatting invisible flies. I could not suppress my giggles, and was glared at by Bostwick.

However, in my research I learned that there is a clothes shop near by, and every 3rd Thursday they have a "psychic" who comes and gives "readings" to those attending. So, next Thursday, the 17th, I will be there.

Hence the need for a handkerchief to cover your face.

Swatting away negative spirits ..... humm ..... seems somewhat contradictory to the notion that spirits have no material substance, and would not be swattable. We must get an expert like Scorpion to give his take on this.
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