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Originally Posted by MikeG View Post
I'm not seeing scepticism in this at all. When I see critical thinking applied in both directions equally (ie scepticism of the story, and scepticism of the dreamt-up scenarios being peddled here) then I'll accept a claim of scepticism. I'm not seeing that at all. I am seeing nothing but conspiracy-mongering, unfettered by any semblance of critical thinking.

I ask gain, for the umpteenth time, what could he possibly have had to gain, and what has he got to lose? When that is properly analysed, and brought into the equation every time another out-of-thin-air theory is aired, then, and only then, will the conspiracy mongers here have any claim to critical thinking.

What he has to gain is obvious: sympathy and the attendant publicity. It also would serve to push a narrative about how bad Trump supporters are. He may have thought that the chances of the story being proven false were very slim, not considering the amount of surveillance cameras in the area.

OTOH, the risk of the story falling apart is not zero and the consequences would be devastating to his career. So is Smollett the kind of person who would take that risk? If heís a rational person, I would say probably not.

Iím willing to take him at his word but the investigation so far has not corroborated his story. The fact that there is no attack on video, he didnít stop in the lobby and mention anything to the security guard and the fact that he has so far refused to turn over his phone tends to cast some doubt in my mind. The fact that something obviously happened to him and the fact that making up a story could ruin him tend to support him.

So I canít say that I have enough info to make up my mind either way. If pressed, Iíd give him the benefit of the doubt. I just hope that for societyís sake that he didnít fake this.

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