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I'm not seeing scepticism in this at all. When I see critical thinking applied in both directions equally (ie scepticism of the story, and scepticism of the dreamt-up scenarios being peddled here) then I'll accept a claim of scepticism. I'm not seeing that at all. I am seeing nothing but conspiracy-mongering, unfettered by any semblance of critical thinking.

I ask gain, for the umpteenth time, what could he possibly have had to gain, and what has he got to lose? When that is properly analysed, and brought into the equation every time another out-of-thin-air theory is aired, then, and only then, will the conspiracy mongers here have any claim to critical thinking.
I'll jump in. What does he have to gain...

Maybe he was lying about who attacked him or why. I don't doubt he was attacked. Maybe he started it. Maybe it was something he'd rather not reveal, maybe he was someplace he doesn't want people to know about. Maybe the rope was part of a sex game, picked up the wrong guy at a bar and doesn't want to admit it. It could explain some of the secrecy. That is a short list of possible reasons to lie.

People have reasons to lie, and celebrities certainly are not more rational than non-celebrities.

What did the guy have to gain who wrote "FAG" on his own cake and blamed it on the store he bought it from?

A woman says she saw a man standing near the entrance to the building at 12:30 am. She described his clothing in great detail - blue hoodie, rope maybe hanging out under his coat, unshaven, light colored jeans, high pants so she could see gray socks. Dress shoes(?). And he was white. She says a second man was waiting nearby.

Let's say she's the most observant person in Chicago, or maybe she's an ex cop and remembers these details. Did these guys stand around in -20 degree weather for an hour or more waiting to attack? Risking death waiting outside in below freezing temperature - in a hoodie? And they didn't really even hurt the guy?

Two white guys just hanging out after midnight in -20 weather waiting to jump a gay black actor in Chicago just to toss a rope on him. Okay. It could be true though.

I think she saw these men and I don't think they are the attackers. Yet she says she saw one of them with rope? I don't know man that sounds way too good to be true. It could be true though.

But isn't there video of the victim walking somewhere with the rope already around his neck and road salt on his clothes? That would tell me that it probably was not the two men she said were waiting outside his building since he apparently was attacked elsewhere.

It's possible they left to go find the victim I suppose. Doesn't seem likely. It doesn't make sense to me. Why would they wait at his building, then go attack him elsewhere? It wasn't them.

And if they set out to attack this particular guy after waiting in -20 degree weather in the middle of the night, it seems like they'd do more than scratch his face, drape a rope around him, splash some bleach and run away.

They may very well have done that, but it seems unlikely.

Maybe the victim tried to steal someones laundry off a clothesline, tripped on a bottle of bleach and almost hung himself on the clothesline in the process?

It is his own actions and statements that are raising doubt.

My guess - he doesn't want to admit where he was attacked, why, or by whom because it is either very embarrassing or he caused the problem to begin with.
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