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Originally Posted by Ladewig View Post
Yes, the suit is laughable, but the purpose of posting it in political threads is not laughter. This photo is example 1734 of President Trump’s disdain for planning. A normal person would say, “if I am meeting a world leader for a state dinner and it has been more than a decade since I’ve worn white tie, then I should try on my clothes a week before to make sure everything fits. It will take only a couple of minutes and I can even do it while I am watching TV.”
It's hard to say if this is bad planning or deliberate choice. None of Trump's suits fit that well. You can do better getting an off the rack cheap suit at a department store. It's pretty clear a lot of his bizarre mannerisms are deliberate choice, like his stupidly long ties or veering forward as he stands. I am assuming his giant, boxy suits are of a similar vein.

Factor in his silly handshake games, where he tries to surprise other men by yanking them off balance during a friendly hand shake, you start to see what a petty mindset is driving these decisions. Trump is still subscribing to "power tie" mentality of the 80's, where inconsequential details are somehow avenues for asserting dominance. He's a petty man down to the core, and everything about him, including his wardrobe and mannerisms, signal it.

Just a normal family, standing in the normal way.

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