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Originally Posted by abaddon View Post
I don't know. My knee jerk response was "This must be a Poe". But then I poked around his tweets. If it is a Poe, it is one of the more convoluted and pointless attempts.

Now in our office, we run a rather jolly environment. One of the daily amusements is the question "What is the latest insanity in the Mail or Express?" because one can be certain that they will have printed some utter insanity over which we can all have a hearty chortle.

Nevertheless, this "Colin" chappy seems to buy all of it hook line and sinker. His twistory quite plainly demonstrates it. At first glance, it seems like a parody account, but when one wastes the time to rummage through the history, it seems not.

You might ask if such people can possibly be real? Clearly, yes they are. If not, Brexit would never have happened in the first place.
I saw someone on twitter saying, "he's very Brexity"

Which sums him up. The archetypal Brexit warrior
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