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Exclamation The usual insane lies, delusions, insults, etc. addressed since 6 July 2009

Originally Posted by Sol88 View Post
Sol88 shows how deep his decades of insanity is yet again.
The thousands of insane lies, delusions, insults, etc. since 6 July 2009 from Sol88 about his cult's electric comet and electric Sun dogma (updated 31 Mar 2020 to add his demented lies about electric discharges).
Random recent insanity from Sol88.:
  1. Sol88's demented lie about "A fully Kinetic Perspective of Electron Acceleration..." only using electric fields.
  2. Sol88 demonstrates how utterly insane he is by expanding his demented delusion that comets have less water then asteroids
  3. Sol88 emphasizes his insanity with an image of the expected change in topology of Tempel 1. Deep Impact on Temple 1 shows insane he is.
  4. Sol88 quotes a definition of electric discharge from Wikipedia that shows he is a deluded liar
  5. Next post: Sol88 doubles up on his insane lying. There are no electrical discharges in the paper.
  6. Many cases of Sol88 being a coward, a liar and land running away from changing his delusions into science, e.g. evidence for electric discharges on comets.
    jonesdave116: So where are these discharges? Show me the detection, and stop running away
    jonesdave116: When are you going to grow a pair, and actually email Deca, instead of lying about his paper
  7. A new deranged lie by quote mining with no source a 15 year old newspaper article!
This post: Sol88's persistent insane lies about posts and posters.
Sol88 wrote a post as with his many years of deranged lies about his demented cult's dogma. That dogma has a imaginary radial solar electric field. Sol88 shows his compete insanity by ranting about mainstream electric fields in comet coma. Sol88 is so brainless that he thinks plasma (gas + ion + electrons) having electric fields is his cult's demented dogma .

jonesdave116 wrote about the real dogma in So, you have a radial electric field. However, we already know that there is a radial magnetic field. Both of these statements cannot be true. As pointed out by Tim Thompson 16 years ago.

Sol88 repeats his deranged lie that the electric comet is rocks (decades of insanity there!) discharging in the solar wind. Doubly insane because Sol knows that the solar wind is stopped by the coma. The demented electric comet dogma is imaginary rocks discharging in an imaginary solar electric field.

Next post: Sol88 shows how deep his decades of insanity is yet again with repeating insane lies about science.
A new deranged lie by quote mining with no source a 15 year old newspaper article!
Composition of a Comet Poses a Puzzle for Scientists Sept. 7, 2005 (2 months after Deep Impact)
One of the observers was the Spitzer Space Telescope, a NASA mission that takes pictures in the infrared part of the spectrum. In the burst of light after the collision, Spitzer detected specific colors of infrared light that indicated that Tempel 1 contained clays and carbonates, the minerals of limestone and seashells.

Clays and carbonates both require liquid water to form.

"How do clays and carbonates form in frozen comets where there isn't liquid water?" said Carey M. Lisse, a research scientist at the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University who is presenting the Spitzer data today at a meeting of the Division for Planetary Sciences in Cambridge, England. "Nobody expected this."
Observations of the Deep Impact collision confirmed that the comet is mostly empty space. The outer layers of Tempel 1 are "unbelievably fragile, less strong than a snow bank," said Michael A'Hearn, the mission's principal investigator, during a telephone news conference yesterday.
Michael A'Hearn states that comet Tempel 1 is not rock ! We already knew that Sol88 was spewing out insane insults of the deceased Michael Francis A'Hearn and all astronomers by Sol88 linking them with Sol88's demented dogma, etc. and now Sol88 confirms his insanity!

For others:
The answer for the question Carey M. Lisse asked is what he speculated about that article:
Dr. Lisse said that the presence of the clays, carbonates and crystalline silicates indicated that material in the solar system's primordial cloud had somehow become well-mixed with dust from the inner solar system migrating outward, or that the minerals had formed through unexpected chemical reactions.
The clays and carbonates formed in the inner, early, hot solar system and migrated outward by radiation pressure.
There may be some cases of clays and carbonates not forming in frozen comets: In April 2011, scientists from the University of Arizona discovered evidence for the presence of liquid water in comet Wild 2.

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