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Originally Posted by Reality Check View Post
Sol88 shows how deep his decades of insanity is yet again.

Sol88 repeats his deranged lie that the electric comet is rocks (decades of insanity there!) discharging in the solar wind. Doubly insane because Sol knows that the solar wind is stopped by the coma. The demented electric comet dogma is imaginary rocks discharging in an imaginary solar electric field.

Next post: Sol88 shows how deep his decades of insanity is yet again with repeating insane lies about science.
A deranged lie by quote mining with no source a 15 year old newspaper article. Composition of a Comet Poses a Puzzle for Scientists
Sorry my apologies reality check here is a more reputable source saying the same thing.

Tempel 1's Secret Ingredients Revealed Secret???


Though the post-impact spectrum is still being analyzed, it shows that Tempel 1's ejecta contain the following chemicals: smectite clay; iron-containing compounds; carbonates, the minerals in seashells; crystallized silicates, such as the green olivine minerals found on beaches and in the gemstone peridot; and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are carbon-containing compounds found in car exhaust and on burnt toast.

So plenty hydrocarbons along with rocky minerals!

Do you still deny this reality check?

Because even the EXPERTS were most surprised!

Astronomers were most surprised to see clay, carbonates, and crystallized silicates because these chemicals are thought have formed in warm environments, possibly near the Sun, but away from the chilly outer neighborhood of comets.

How did these compounds get inside comets?

One possibility is that materials in our early solar system mixed together before being sorted out into individual bodies.

"How did these compounds get inside comets?" ummmm.... maybe that is the comet, not ice.

Like bloody herding kittens, you mob!
“No rock. Any charge separation is limited. The electric field is pointing in the wrong direction. Currents are doing nothing.” Jonesdave116.

“The 'electric comet' is physically IMPOSSIBLE to model using mainstream science! PERIOD! True story! End of story!” Indagator
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