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Originally Posted by Sol88 View Post
Jebus, you are all on a roll!

Absolutely perfect post by reality check!

You are, again correct refractories are indeed NON VOLATILE.

As A'Hearn did indeed say

Though OUR understanding, not jonesy and his cronies, understanding has been evolving more toward mostly rock. This ROCK is also, like RC refractory NON VOLATILE material is also NON volatile, same as A'Hearn's!

Is just more lies about what A'Hearn said and meant. Pathetic. It doesn't matter a damn what the ratio of dust to ice is on one comet. We know that there is ice, and we know that there is gas from that ice. And we know that there is sufficient to stop the solar wind thousands of kilometres from the nucleus, and to form a diamagnetic cavity. None of those things are explainable by your failed woo. Mainly due to you not knowing of their existence when you set off on this defence of your Velikovskian non-science. Just as it wasn't known to the clowns who invented it.
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