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Let's remind ourselves of what Sol is trying to Gish gallop away from most recently;


More nonsense. You seem to forget what your woo claims. Let me refresh your memory;

Comets follow their elongated paths within a weak electrical field centered on the Sun. In approaching the Sun, a charge imbalance develops between the nucleus and the higher voltage and charge density near the Sun. Growing electrical stresses initiate discharges and the formation of a glowing plasma sheath, appearing as the coma and tail.
So, you have a radial electric field. However, we already know that there is a radial magnetic field. Both of these statements cannot be true. As pointed out by Tim Thompson 16 years ago. Given that the IMF is measured, and the radial electric field is both impossible, and isn't measured, then it can be dismissed as scientifically impossible woo. So, the raison d'etre of your electric comet woo just disappeared. That renders the rest of it moot.
However, as also mentioned by TT, the comet is supposed to be charging up where there is no charge, and discharging where there is more charge! More impossible woo.
Discharges are obviously not initiated, as they would be detected. Another failure..
And there is no glowing plasma sheath. The only light coming from the cometary coma is from sunlight reflected from dust. As observed. Yet more fail.
Not going well, is it? So, let us look further at what the electric idiots claim;

The observed jets of comets are electric arc discharges to the nucleus, producing “electrical discharge machining” (EDM) of the surface. The excavated material is accelerated into space along the jets’ observed filamentary arcs.
Oh dear! How can anyone possibly believe that, and claim to be sane, let alone scientifically literate!
Well, let's see; no discharges to the nucleus. The magnetometer data is publicly available. The spikes from these non-existent discharges should stick out like a sore thumb. They aren't there.
EDM (lol) is a highly controlled process, that simply does not occur in nature. It is a human construct. It most certainly does not occur on comets. Again, it would stick out like a sore thumb. It doesn't. Remember the magnetometer data? Particularly from within the DC, when the comet is most active? What does 0 nT mean to the electric idiots? Hmmm? And we knew this since 1986!

So, your claims that charge separation = discharges is a moot point. Discharges would be measured, and aren't.
As for the paper itself; well, If I was writing the paper, and there had been some large scale violation of quasi-neutrality (i.e. well beyond the Debye length), I would say so. And my wording, regarding the electric field that ensures quasi-neutrality, would be along the lines of, "the electric field therefore ensures that quasi-neutrality is RE-ESTABLISHED." However, their wording is, "quasi-neutrality is MAINTAINED." "Maintained", to me, means it never went away.
However, these are all moot points, as there were no discharges measured, and no EDM (lol) was measured. And there cannot be a radial electric field. And you cannot gain charge where there is none, and discharge it where there is lots. You cannot blast pieces of planets into space with electric woo. And there is no rock anyway. So, the whole thing is based on a couple of Velikovskian twits, with zero scientific knowledge, looking at highly stretched pictures of comets, and deliberately lying and obfuscating about a handful of press releases, in order to con the gullible.
Give yourself a pat on the back for being one of the few people on the planet gullible enough to be conned by such nonsense.
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