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Exclamation The usual insane lies, delusions, insults, etc. addressed since 6 July 2009

Originally Posted by Sol88 View Post
Sol88 shows how deep his decades of insanity is yet again.
The thousands of insane lies, delusions, insults, etc. since 6 July 2009 from Sol88 about his cult's electric comet and electric Sun dogma (updated 31 Mar 2020 to add his demented lies about electric discharges).
Random recent insanity from Sol88
Sol88 confirms his insanity that A'Hearn stated that comets are actual rocks by quoting A'Hearn stating that Tempel 1 had "snowbank" outer layers.
Sol88's insanity of citing a 15 year old clays and carbonates finding that is explained and indirectly confirmed by A'Hearn.

This post: Sol88's current "prefect post" insanity
My posts tell the world about Sol88 decades of insanity about comets and maybe as long insanity about the Sun. Sol88 is an follower of a blatantly demented cult with "electric comet" and "electric sun" delusions and his own personal delusions about comets and maybe the Sun. Decades of documented ignorance, lies, delusions, and insults shows that Sol88 is an insane follower of the cult . It is possible that even the cult is ashamed of him given his demented lies about their dogma! On the other hand the Thunderbolts cult is basically a religious group and they tend not to have any shame about their members going on evangelical rampages demonstrating how deluded the cult and the follower are. On the third hand (), their prophet David Talbott did make a fleeting appearance in this thread and a reason he may have left could be Sol88's obviously insane posts.

Next post: Soll88 shows that he is insane with more demented questions.
It has been decades now and he is still abysmally ignorant about astronomy and even chemistry !

For others: Water is everywhere and common in the universe because H and O are everywhere in the universe, H is the most abundant element, and O is the third most abundant element in the Universe, The molecular cloud that collapsed to form the Sun had water, H and O, etc. in it. A tiny bit of the water we drink has existed for maybe 12.8 billion years (see below), some for fewer billions of years and some is recent from the chemistry of H + O + O = water.
Water was plentiful in the early universe (a model run in 2015).

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