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Originally Posted by jonesdave116 View Post
The comet didn't form in the inner solar system. Learn to read. And has nothing to do with your failed woo. Stick to the topic of your failed woo.
Astronomers were most surprised to see clay, carbonates, and crystallized silicates because these chemicals are thought have formed in warm environments, possibly near the Sun, but away from the chilly outer neighborhood of comets.

How did these compounds get inside comets?

One possibility is that materials in our early solar system mixed together before being sorted out into individual bodies.
Learn too read!

How did they sport!

Little bit of majik here some hand waving there and bingo...clay, carbonates, and crystallized silicates, ROCK.

How do clay's and carbonates form close to the Sun, jonesdave116?

I know they do here on Earth, with liquid water?

You have no mechanism except hand waving.
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