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Originally Posted by Spanx View Post
The absence of aluminium.
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Making a quick perusal I found at least 4 references to a finding of aluminum (Al) in the 2009 Bentham paper.
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None of which was found in the post DSC residue, despite your insistence that the DSC residue is what proves it is thermite, and despite the fact that aluminum is a known product of thermite.
Originally Posted by Harrit et al
"A conventional quantitative analysis routine was used to estimate the elemental contents.

In the case of this iron-rich spheroid, the iron content exceeds the oxygen content by approximately a factor of two, so substantial elemental iron must be present.

This result was repeated in other iron-rich spheroids in the post-DSC sample as well as in spots in the residue which did not form into spheres.

Spheroids were observed with Fe:O ratios up to approximately 4:1.

Other iron-rich spheres were found in the post-DSC residue which contained iron along with aluminum and oxygen"
You were saying?
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