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Originally Posted by Miragememories View Post
If you look at Table 3 for example, you will see all the different reaction products, which are most notably very diverse.

Of particular interest is that most often the intermetallic compound FeAl2O4 is there, so the aluminum does not necessarily have to end up as Al2O3.
Originally Posted by Redwood View Post
What this means is that real-world nanothermite performs very poorly!

Here’s the money quote from the article:
The results showed that for thermites fueled by nano-Al, the reaction performance did not present obvious distinction. However, for thermites that used micro-Al as the reducing agent, the DSC peak temperatures of nanocomposite micro-Al/xeroFe2O3 was advanced by 68.1 deg C and 76.8 deg C respectively compared with simple mixtures. This reduction is referred to a distinct promotion of thermite reaction.

In other words, micron-sized aluminum in thermite outperforms nano-meter sized aluminum, but formulating thermite into a gel makes it easier to ignite. That is all. Class dismissed.
All I see is a lot of posturing in an attempt to divert attention from the acknowledged aluminum revealed in figures 25 and 26 of the 2009 Bentham paper.

Your "money quote", where you seem to think that the words "advanced by 68.1 deg C and 76.8 deg C" refer to the micro aluminum outperforming the nano aluminum actually refer to the fact that when the micro aluminum thermite is prepared as "normal thermite" or "simple" as it is put in table 1, and not prepared as a "nanocomposite" or a "sol-gel thermite", the IGNITION POINT is raised by about 68 and 77 degrees!

Figure 5 and Table 1 in Spanx´s paper actually confirm that the nano aluminum outperforms the macro aluminum in every way: it ignites at a lower temperature, has narrower DSC peaks with more power (best of 4.3W vs best of 2.96W), and more energy (best of 1648J vs best of 955.2J).
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