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Originally Posted by sir drinks-a-lot View Post
I don't think that carries as much weight as you do. First of all, consider William Parcher's comment above.
Which one? He's made lots of comments above.

And secondly, in today's crazy culture of identity politics, there is a lot to gain by being seen as a victim of a hate crime. Look how common it is for people to fake these kinds of incidents. What do you think their motivations are?
I don't live in a "crazy culture of identity politics". I don't live somewhere where it is "common for people to fake these kinds of incidents". So I haven't a clue as to any such person's motivation, or even if such people really exist. I live somewhere where the police gather evidence, the CPS decides whether to bring charges, and people are innocent until proven guilty.

Can you point me to any successful people in the public eye who have faked something of this nature? Someone with the same balance of what's to be gained against what's to be lost as this actor?
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