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The Company They Keep

Originally Posted by Brainster View Post
It's Blakeney, not Blackeney. He came across my radar in this video conference when he said (starts around 9:00 in), "Israel's fingerprints are all over 911."

YouTube Video This video is not hosted by the ISF. The ISF can not be held responsible for the suitability or legality of this material. By clicking the link below you agree to view content from an external website.

This got him some negative attention at 9-11 Flogger, so he began backtracking and explaining what he meant:

Anybody able to take a screen cap showing the Facebook link between Blakeney and Smith? I'm still avoiding joining Facebook.

After he made this post, Pat C. (Brainster) did some digging and found some interesting material about Blakeney which he posted on his SLC blog.

Blakeney published a review of Jonathan Kay's Among The Truthers written by his academic mentor Anthony J. Hall on his online column in something called Veteran's Today which bills itself as a "journal of military and foreign affairs."

And what is this innocuously named "journal" about? A debunking of Veteran's Today by someone called Jon Revere (a truther but his article is well researched) found that:

What will you find on "Veterans Today"? Well, everything has pretty much one focus: BLAME ISRAEL FOR EVERYTHING. 70-90% of the articles on this website go back to Israel.
And who are some of Blakeney's co-columnists on Veteran's Today? Well, one of them is Dr Ingrid Rimland Zundel, wife of Ernst Zundel, Canada's leading Holocaust denier. Mrs. Zundel in a recent column entitled The Munchousen Syndrome (actually the condition is called Münchhausen syndrome) is pretty upfront about her attitudes about Jews and the Holocaust.

Years before I met and married Ernst Zundel and, thus, became a Holocaust Denier – because this malady, Denial-of-the-Holocaust, can be infectious, in case you didn’t know! – I made my living as a kiddie shrink: in academic parlance, an Educational Psychologist.

In that capacity, I learned about a malady, malingering, that was quite prevalent with kids who tried to get out of producing respectable work. Their energy went into fibbing – and were they ever good at it! I was amazed at how deep-rooted and resistant to reason their skillful fibbing was.

Therefore, I decided to study how I could cure this malady, and found it had a name. It’s called the Munchousen Syndrome.

Once Ernst and I became a team, he asked me to do a monograph on “The Impact of Words on the Mind,” by which he hoped to neutralize the virulent character assassination of an entire people, the Germans who fought World War II, unleashed on them sans mercy by another set of bipeds, the Victims of the Holocaust. The latter try to run down every last “War Criminal” on earth. The former seem without defenses.
Nice, huh? The Jews have a "syndrome" that causes them to lie about the Holocaust. It also makes you wonder about Frau Zundel's educational credentials (she can't even spell Münchausen, a well-known psychological syndrome, correctly )and the editorial policies of this "journal" that Blakeney is associated with.

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