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Once Ernst and I became a team, he asked me to do a monograph on “The Impact of Words on the Mind,” by which he hoped to neutralize the virulent character assassination of an entire people, the Germans who fought World War II, unleashed on them sans mercy by another set of bipeds, the Victims of the Holocaust. The latter try to run down every last “War Criminal” on earth. The former seem without defenses.
They "seem without defenses" because they're all dead by now already.

Almost everyone involved in the Holocaust by now is either dead or nearing death. Crusading to clear the names of dead men? It certainly has its merits, but this nutjob doesn't give the impression of one who means only to pay respects to the departed. She speaks as if from WWII onwards, the world has been divided into only two groups: Nazis and Jews. Holocaust victims weren't the only people ticked off about the holocaust; nearly every human being with a functioning moral compass was ticked off about the holocaust. There's a good reason for this. Something about how not learning from history makes you doomed or something to that effect.

60 years ago would have been the time to post stupid drivel like this. This missy's a little to late to save anyone from the gallows. Which makes me think either she just wants to stir up controversy for controversy's sake, or that she's retarded in the literal and clinical sense of the word (as opposed to the youngsters' use of it as slang for "foolish").

If this post comes off as confusing, it's because I'm having difficulty putting my thoughts on this into words. Perhaps an analogy will help. Imagine someone writing an article on how Southern slaveowners "were" misunderstood, persecuted, and "were" actually really good nice people. Now imagine replacing "were" with "are" and the entire article is written in the PRESENT tense. That's how dumb this sounds to me.

"The evidence that the attacks of 9/11 were an inside job just keeps not coming in." --pomeroo

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