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and the comments from the above Facebook post.

Post #1 Veteran's Today carries articles by Ingrid Rimland Zundel, one of the most notorious holocaust deniers on the planet. You also write for V.T. So even if you yourself aren't specifically a Holocaust're work is alongside one. Also your anti-Israel and 9-11 theories and positions are a good fit for that scene. You do the math.
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Post #1 I see you re-post Ken O'keefe videos, like the one here on your wall about 911 being an Israeli false flag attack...well O'Keefe is very much the Holocaust denier, so it's not a big stretch to call you one too, even if, as you, say, you aren't.
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Joshua Blakeney Guilt by association is one of the lowest forms of argumentation. You cannot refute my arguments and so you attempt to discredit me by drawing attention to who has articles posted on a website where I also have an article posted. Please show me one example of Ken O'Keefe doing what you allege.
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Post #1 I'm not arguing with you about your theories. If your stories are published in the same magazine as a a Holocaust denier, then it becomes a popular perception. We simply assume that you know the kind of stuff that appears in VT and their other online rag the You can always distance yourself from VT if you want to try and dispel that perception. Make that same argument next time you show up at Heathrow airport. I just read somewhere that Ken was detained at the airport by M16, interrogated and had his computer and electronic storage devices confiscated before they let him back in to the country.
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Joshua Blakeney I don't care what other people write. I stand by my own statements. If people are stupid and cannot distinguish between my statements and the statements of someone else then that is not my fault. As for Ken, you have no evidence to back up your assertion about him other than he was detained in the UK. Ken is a hero. He has done more for humanity than most people. If MI6 want to detain me next time I go to the UK then they better have good reason to do so. All I have done is read and write. If that's such a threat to the UK then the UK isn't much of a democracy.
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Post #3 Keep doing what your doing brother. First accusations that come up is anti-Semite or anything to do with the holocaust. It's not only used to discredit you but also as a deterrent from what you are writing. Even if you never mentioned the holocaust, it will find it's way in to attack you. It's Zionist fall back to any argument. When in doubt, call someone a anti Semite or bring up the holocaust. It's in Zionist school 101.
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Post #1 A man is known not just by what he says and does but by the company he keeps.
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Post #1 I said what i said because you're the one complaining about be typecast as a Holocaust denier.
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Post #2 whatever happens, do NOT start looking into it!!! Just believe what you've been told, it's better that way.
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