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There...the link is fixed.

ergo, I'm surprised you have to ask a question like this. You've read enough of my posts to know what I think about the Truth Movement and its political direction. Blakeney's wife is not a white woman, so I doubt he is racist in the sense that his Holocaust Denier friends Zundel and Bradley Smith are.

The point of my post was intended to be about the Truth Movement. I have said many, many times that the 9/11 Truth Movement is now fundamentally a right-wing movement. Despite his own beliefs and the way he lives his own life, even someone like Blakeney is being forced into associating with the right-wing dregs of the world. The irony of all this is that 9/11 Truth is increasingly directed by right-wing interests in the USA. That is why I think it's interesting that Blakeney is now hanging around the Internet with the craziest of right-wing activists.

Honestly, Blackeney's still young. He's a student. He is impressionable and has no directions that can't be altered. As I have said, he is energetic and probably quite a good student. I suspect he's a nice guy. What bothers me about all this is Hall. Hall is supposed to be supervising him. Where is his guidance in this? You may not be bothered by his choice of companionship, but as you can see from the comments to his Facebook, there are people around him who are - and they should be. If he doesn't do something about this quickly, this is how he will be remembered.

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