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Originally Posted by Brainster View Post
Yes, it was, but actually that was a mistake on my part. I had initially intended to post two or three things about Canadian Truthers, but when I started digging on Holocaust Denial at VT and found that Zundel's wife posts there, the focus of the post changed. I should have retitled it "Why Does Joshua Blakeney have so many ties to Holocaust Deniers?"

BTW, guilt by association is a fallacy only if the association is a common idea or value or interest that is not the controversial or negative thing about the person to whom the association is claimed. For example:

Hitler was a vegetarian.
Morgan Spurlock is a vegetarian.
Therefore Hitler and Morgan Spurlock are equally evil.

Of course, this one's pretty obviously nutty and not likely to fool anyone. On the other hand, if Morgan Spurlock and Hitler were good buddies, it would not be a guilt by association to point that fact out.
This is the very strange thing about Blakeney's blog post. He links to various blog posts in the 9/11 conspiracy world that discuss how this connection between 9/11 Truth and Holocaust Denial are used to discredit 9/11 Truth. He seems to miss the point that posts such as,
There are admittedly a very small number of people claiming that they are for 9/11 truth but making anti-semitic remarks. However, they are shunned by the overwhelming majority of 9/11 activists who abhor anti-semitism.
are talking about people like him. It is Truthers like him who do not shun these people that reinforce the idea they are not a pariah in the Truth Movement.

It's issues like this that a proper teacher should have pointed out to him.

Originally Posted by Sword_Of_Truth View Post
Because he believes 9/11 was an inside job.

Just like John Patrick Bedell, Jared Loughner, James Von Brunn, Sean Fitzgerald
and Richard Poplawski.
JB also appears to be an advocate of chemtrails.

I am also wondering why it was that JB and his crew here on the JREF were so quick to find mine and Brainster's posts, but seem so much less quick at responding to our current points. Could it be that they're chicken, right Walter?
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